Adventures | Slow Weeks By The Sea

I've spent the past week visiting family at the Yorkshire coast. Their house is just a stones throw away from the beach, which created a prime opportunity for a social media detox and a true bit of R&R.

The tranquility of the beach is something that is hard to describe. Not a sound can be heard except for the noises of the waves hitting the shore; of dog paws hitting the sand as they run for miles; of the dull chatter of your fellow beach-goers and of the occasional seagull making their presence known.

As you walk along the soft miles of sand, all you can feel is the fresh salty air hitting your face and sweeping your hair into a barely-manageable tangle. You can't help but feel really at peace; the beach is even one of the only places I'll happily go makeup-free without a care in the world.

For me, the beach has always been my favourite escapism. The vast open space helps you to feel free and realise just how tiny you and any anxieties are in comparison with the far-reaching ocean. It seems strange that a single setting can achieve being both calm and wild at the same time; but British beaches somehow manage this and it truly is beautiful.

Do you love spending your days on the beach?

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  1. Ahh I totally agree with you!! Im currently staying at the lodge with my boyfriend by the sea, and it is such a lovely little escape. Ive been needing to just chill and clear my head, and being by the beach in perfect. xx

  2. Your writing has taken me away on a little beach trip. Those are some of my favorite aspects about the beach. I am however more of a forest person.

    Simply Me

  3. The writing in this post is great, puts me right in the shoes of a beach trip. I love walking along the beach as it's something I don't get to do very often, living in the middle of a city and growing up in the countryside.

    Megan //

  4. I completely agree with you! The beach is the perfect place for some TLC and a great place to press refresh on the life button! I really enjoyed your post - the photographs are stunning by the way!

  5. I want to go to the sea now! I think you've captured the effect of the sea beautifully. When I'm feeling anxious, I'm going to remind myself that there are much bigger things in life.

    Megan |