Lifestyle | Three August Highlights

Boy oh boy, hasn't August just flown by.

I absolutely adored writing my July Highlights post. Monthly reflection posts almost takes me back to my younger years of writing journals which I'd keep in a totally secure and secretive place (i.e. under my pillow). These diary posts not only give you lovely lot a little insight into the life and times of the girl behind the blog, but they also allow me proper time to sit and reflect on the highs and lows of the month gone by. It's very therapeutic if truth be told; a great way of putting the negatives of the month behind you and making sure you store the more lovely of memories in a special place in your mind.

Blogging love
I've been working my little booty off this past month on my blog and social media accounts, trying to constantly develop my content and improve my following. Boy is it hard work, as I'm sure you all know. I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps about Yours, Chloe as of late, I won't lie. It can be pretty down-heartening to be working really hard on your blog to little or no avail, especially when other bloggers around you are taking off; you can't help but think "what am I doing wrong?". But at the end of August I decided to take a more positive look at the month gone by and I realised how bloomin' happy I am with the posts I've written this month. And ultimately it's that that matters, not the numbers or the amount of brand interest you've had that month. So regardless of what the numbers say, I think Yours, Chloe has had a great month, and I'm very proud of myself.

A good ol' staycation
As I shared in my recent post 'Slow Weeks By The Sea' I've just got back from a lovely break at the seaside. How very British. We stayed with family in Yorkshire for a week and a bit of nothing but gorgeous food, dog walks on the beach, car boot sales and a fair few bottles of wine. Bliss.

R&R time
August has been the month of R&R; rest and relaxation. Looking back at the month and the sheer amount of time I've spent doing a great deal of nothing could quite easily lead to feelings of guilt, as surely I should have spent the month doing something of worth which uses my time productively. But at the end of the day, August was the first full month I had after finishing my first year of uni, which was quite honestly the hardest year of my life and a year that took a great deal of toll on my mental health. I needed some time to do nothing but self care and really rejuvenate myself ready for my second year. So yeah, I'll admit I've done sweet f all this month and I'm proud of it. I've looked after myself and that is the most productive use of my time I can think of.

What did you get up to in August?
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  1. That rest time really is important!! I think it's great to take some time to relax and just do as little as possible after a busy year of uni! I've been doing the same.
    Simply Me

  2. I love hearing what everyone has gotten up to in the month (so nosy aha)! August has been a big relaxation month for me too, I'm pretty much in the same boat having had a tough first year mentally. It's important to do so though, so don't beat yourself up about wasted time!

    Megan //

  3. Ahh I literally just posted a similar post to this!! Ive been pretty absent this month too, and I always went for a quick holiday break by the seaside, doesn't get more British than that eh? Haha!! My blog didn't do so well this month, however I have had a few brands get in touch which means the world to me as I have worked so hard! Your blog is amazing lovely, keep going!! I hope you had a good break!! xx

  4. R&R was definitely not something I had this past month, what with college starting back up again. Looking forward to finding more balance in September!