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When September rears it's head again I get a sudden urge to fill my drawers with new stationery. Ever since I was little, one of my favourite things about this new month has been buying new school supplies and this love hasn't subsided even now I'm an adult. Being a trainee teacher gives me a fantastic motive to treat myself to new stationery bits and bobs; even if my boyfriend is a little sick of hearing the "but it would be so good in the classroom" excuse every time I come home with a bag full of notebooks and pens and stickers. 

As the start of the new university year fast approaches - and second year looms - I've been getting myself all organised and ready for the year ahead. New module folders - check - new notebooks - check - pencil case - check. Uni can be ever so intense and the ever-mounting pile of work can seem a tad overwhelming to say the least, so staying organised is key.

When you start university you quickly find out how you work best taking notes and using them for later study. Some find the electronic variation works best for their mindset - they'll be the ones with laptops in their seminars - but personally I'm all about the written word. I like to have a folder per module, all labelled up with different topics, and a notebook to go with it. These sets tend to be colour-coded, making them easy to grab ahead of 9am lectures as there's no faffing about trying to see which label matches which module. Saves time and it looks pretty; win win. 

Ryman has a fantastic 'Back To Uni' range, full of so many products that my inner stationery-geek was just tingling when I scrolled through the website. I personally adore their pastel range, where you can find all your necessary stationery buys in the most beautiful of colours; perfect for colour-coding by module. I'm talking notebooks, folders, diaries, handy tools like staplers and hole-punches; Ryman stock it all. 

They also have lots of products will make your desk-space oh so aesthetically pleasing; a space you'll actually be excited about working in. Having a good work-space can do wonders for your motivation levels. Nab yourself a desk tidy, letter tray or set of drawers to help to keep your work-space (and your mind) clutter-free and ever so organised.

I've even spotted that Ryman are offering a 15% student discount via UNiDAYS until the 4th October. If you won't tempted to treat yourself to your own batch of stationery porn, you will be now!

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How are you getting ready to go back to uni/school?
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  1. You're going to be a teacher?! That's amazing, so am I! I'm already finding things myself that I want to have for my own classroom one day, including vintage posters of American history that my dad has given me. (I plan to teach American History, and he's a teacher as well!) Buying stationary is certainly quite addictive, and I feel that haha x

    1. I'm addicted to going on pinterest and pinning ideas for my own future classroom. Having a classroom of your very own is such an exciting concept!

      Thank you for your comment!

      Chloe x