How To Find Time To Read In 2019

One of my new years resolutions is to read more. I've been a book worm since the good ol' days of learning to read with Biff, Chip and Kipper, but I find that as much as I love reading it's often something that's cast aside due to the chaos of adult life. So this year I'm going to make the effort to get my nose into a book more often.

Here's how you too can find time to read in 2019:

Always Carry A Book With You
Keep a book glued to your side and you'll be amazed about the amount of potential reading time that presents itself. I like to always keep a book in my bag ready for whenever the opportunity presents itself, be it during the commute, in the doctors waiting room or during a lunch break. Think of all the time in the day you spend scrolling through your phone, that's time that could be spent having a good read.

Don't Waste Your Reading Time On Books You Don't Like
We've all read those books which you can't help but feel a little bit meh about. You want to enjoy it but you're just not feeling it at all. I'm one of those people who doesn't like giving up on a book. I like to do my best to power through and finish it, but with some books this can be a pretty tedious and it leaves me not really wanting to read. Tackling this is simple: if you don't like the book, stop reading. You've given it a go, so say enough is enough and pick up a new title which will hopefully be more up your street. Reading time is precious; don't waste it on titles you don't love.

Make Reading Affordable
As much as I'd simply adore the opportunity to wander around Waterstones and have a good splurge on all of the titles that take my fancy, it simply isn't financially viable to buy brand new books on the regular. But how can you still add new titles to your to-read pile? Firstly, remember that your local library is your best friend. They often stock recent titles as well as your old favourites, bestsellers and tonnes of other literary gems you won't have even heard of. I'm also quite partial to a mooch around my local charity shops, having a peek at the titles which have been well-loved and then donated. Buying from charity shops means you can nab yourself some good-quality bargains, whilst also supporting good causes.

Get Yourself A To-Read List
I'm sure most (if not all) bookworms can relate to the feeling of having an ever-growing to-read pile taking over your home. My to-read pile is so extensive that it is split between my flat and my family home. In an effort to tackle this, I've written myself a list of all of the books I'm wanting to read in the hope that getting to actually tick them off a physical list challenges me to start working through the pile.

What do you do to make sure you find the time to read?
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  1. This is a great post. I used to be OBSESSED with reading but then I just kind of out grew it. It's definitely something that I want to get back into though..

  2. Loved this post! Since I finished my English Lit degree, I haven't picked up a single book but this year I want to rectify that. Carrying a book with you is a such a great tip

  3. I'm so with you on #1, #3 and #4, Chloe! But for me, I personally like to keep an e-book on my phone instead, because I'll have it all the time with me! I also like to use some apps that allows me to have access to tons of free books (many of them are very popular books too!) such as AnyBooks or Bookmate! Have you tried any of those apps? :)

    Vinny @ Artsy Draft

  4. Great post and your pictures are great too! I used to be such a bookworm but life just gets in the way sometimes. I got a new kindle for my birthday in October so I really have no excuse as the books are cheap and I can carry it in my handbag. You've motivated me to read more in 2019!

    Holly x