About Me

Hello ladies and gentlebeans, welcome to Yours, Chloe.

Let's introduce ourselves shall we? My name's Chloe, I'm twenty-two years old and I live in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. 

You'll normally find me with my phone securely attached to my being, allowing me to scroll through the haven that is pinterest at ease, or snapping away photo after photo with a cocktail in hand. My favourite days are spent exploring a new city, dining out, rummaging through a car boot sale/antiques centre/vintage shop or simply spending time with family and friends. I'm also quite partial to a cosy night equipped with a pair of comfy PJs, a good takeaway and a bit of Harry Potter or some Friends repeats.

In this little space you will find an extension of my life and thoughts, full to the brim of adventures I've been on, books I've had my nose in and excitement about the latest purchases I've made within the worlds of fashion and beauty. I've got eight years in the world of blogging under my belt and I've loved every single second.

Whatever your taste, I hope you'll find something to your liking in my little part of the internet, so why don't you make yourself a cup of tea, get yourself comfy and have a good old read of my ramblings in this little digital scrapbook of my life.


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  3. So nice to meet you!
    I just came across your blog! I am now following! I look forward to keeping up and getting to know you better!


  4. Hello Chloe, it's Emily! I just wanted to say that I've had a look through your blog, thank you so much for letting me know about it and giving me your card, it honestly is amazing and i'm so proud of you! it's incredible, well done! I hope one day my blog will be even half as popular and interesting as yours. Thank you again! lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxxxx