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To start with i just want to say i hope 2013 goes well for every single one of you! And thankyou so much for all your lovely comments on my 2012 blog posts! It's means the world to me that you are enjoying what i write and if you have any feedback or post ideas you'd like to see me to let me know!

Today i'm going to be doing the 'best of 2012' tag! I saw it done on YouTube by Fay (http://www.youtube.com/user/FayBurmingham) and i loved it so i thought i'd do my one little version here for you guys! Here we go:

1) Top 5 moments/memories of 2012

In August i went to Greece with my family and i had the best time ever! There were 8 of us - one spoke Greek which made things 100000 times easier and it was lovely. There were some problems to start with involving passports to begin with but to be honest it made us enjoy it more because we knew we were lucky we were all there! After one night in Athens, we got the ferry over to the island of Sifnos (the journey took around 3 1/2 hours), where we staying in two lovely apartments, that were part of a beach front hotel. I love the life i have when i'm in greece - getting up whenever i want, going for a swim, having a relaxed lunch and then going off  to the beach, where we will spend the day until it's time to come home and sleep for a bit before going swimming again and out for tea. Greek food is amazing. There's one dish pasticcio that i love! It's like lots of layers of pasta and mince and a sauce, and it's heaven on a plate. Literally. The other thing i love about greece is how welcoming everyone is. Everyone is always ready to chat to you! After about 10 days on the island we went back to Athens, on a ferry, but i enjoyed this journed alot less and lets just say i spent at least 1 hour lying on the floor of the toilets, looking green. Lovely. Our 3 days in Greece were spent visiting people, shopping (and lots of it), eating and seeing sights. This was one of the best holidays i've ever been on, and i'm so excited to go back again soon!

I think i've mentioned it before but in March i went on a history trip to France/Belgium and it was honestly the best weekend of my life. Of course this history bits were amazing (bit of a history geek here, i have to admit) but i really loved spending 4 days away from home, with my friends. It was great to spend time with my friends, having a laugh and just enjoying every moment - even the 10 hour coach journey there! The best bits probably were shopping, going on a funfair and the chats in the middle of the night about pretty much anything! Anyone who has been away with friends will know what i'm on about!

This isn't like a specific day or anything but i went to so many amazing concerts in 2012! I've seen Ronan Parke live a few times, as well as going to quite a few other gigs and they were all amazing! Music plays a huge part of my life so it was amazing to experience so much in 2012!

Meeting New People
I met so many lovely people in 2012 at various gigs and i know it sounds soppy but i've honestly made friends for life! I'd been talking to them all for about a year before hand so it was amazing to finally meet them all! These people are Hannah,Charlee,Claire,Sophie,Laura,Tayla,Chanelle and lots more! Let's hope i get to meet up with them again in 2013 :-)

Days with my Family+Friends
This is quite a few days all packed into one paragraph but i couldn't leave them out! I'm so close to my family so we always have amazing days but i think this year it has been extra special! Days that stand out to me are things like:
-My Birthday weekend, was spent with my family and we went out for a really lovely meal!
-Going to Centre Parcs for my nans 80th and it was lovely! My cousins are little and we don't see much of them so it was lovely to spend a weekend with them! Every part of it was lovely!

2) Did you do something unexpected in 2012?
Not really! Well i definitely did more than i thought i would! I went to more events, and met new people, including Ronan Parke 5 times in a year! That was absolutely incredible.

3) Favourite clothing item of 2012?
I loved my charcoal speckle roll sleave mini dress from Topshop! It's such a staple fashion piece, you can wear it with pretty much anything! I normally wear it with black tights, a huge cardi and some boots, as it's winter but also works in the summer, with some ballet pumps!
4) Favourite makeup item of 2012?
In around January i started using the Collection 2000 Ultimate Fix Compact Foundation and i love it! I use the biscuit shade, which is the darkest one, but i find it suits my skin the best. I find it gives really got coverage and lasts all day. I will definitely be using it this year too!
5) Favourite TV Show of 2012?
I really can't choose one cause i watch so much tv! But this year i have enjoyed Glee,Cuckoo,Pramface,One Born Every Minuet,Sun Sex and Suspicious Parents and so many more programs but i'll be here forever if i try to name them all!
6) Favourite album of 2012?
  Emeli Sandé: Our Version of Events
7) Favourite movie of 2012?
21 Jump Street!
8) A new YouTuber you discovered in 2012?
I started watching Sprinkle of Glitter in about March and now i can't stop! Her videos are amazing, Louise has a really great personality, so i'd really recommend them to any girl!
9) Favourite blogger of 2012?
Definitely Zoella. Zoe is such a great writer and her lovely personality that you see in her YouTube videos comes through so well!
10) New year resolutions!
-To spend more time with my friends and family!
-To drink closer to the amount of water the NHS recommends!
What are your new years resolutions? Comment and tell me!
Lots of Love from

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