Outfit of the Day: Summer Photoshoot


Sorry for the lack in posts recently! The snow has been causing all sorts of problems this week, and i managed to fall over at school on tuesday and land on my left hip (which i already have a problem with), not be able to move and have to be lifted into a wheelchair by 6 teachers, while 10+ people watched on. That was an eventful day!

But anyway i was flicking through some photos and came across some from when i did a photoshoot with my friends in August! I loved my outfit so i thought i would share it with you:

Playsuit: £20 ~ Boohoo
I just wore it over some neutral tights, with pale pink ballet pumps (New Look) and a light brown wool cardi!

(Ignore the wellies, they were just us messing around!)

I wore this outfit a week after this at a garden party and it was great! It really suits all summer occasions, i even took it on holiday with me to greece, to wear when we went out in the evening.

I'm not sure if the shop sells this playsuit anymore, as i brought it in July 2012 but you could always have a look on ebay!

Lots of Love

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