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So i went on the train to London yesterday and i took a copy of Glamour magazine! One feature that i really enjoyed was the '100 things to make you happy' article. I've already started to follow some of the steps and i'm enjoying doing them which is making me happy, so i thought i'd share some of my favourites with you for you to try!

Now this step is pretty easy for me because i dance all the time but i've never really thought about the dancing making me happier? Because thinking about it, it does but i've never realised! Even if it's just 10 minuets of Just Dance on the wii or whether you start a class, dancing will make you feel happier! You're not going to be the next prima ballerina but it's fun! And it's great exercise!

(We Heart It)
'20 seconds of hugging releases the magic anti-stress hormone oxytocin into the bloodstream, say researchers of the Universtiy of North Carolina' - Glamour Magazine

Studies have shown that smelling our favourite scents can make us happy, and push away any anxiety! Jasmine, Lemon, Lavender, Rose and Liquorice have been shown to be the most uplifting scents!
Looking at nice things
I know that sounds so obvious but i thought it was cool! According to Glamour, 5 things that make you smile just by looking at them are:
  1. Celebs eating junk food.
  2. An old couple holding hands (awh cute)
  3. The window of a patisserie.
  4. A man waiting somewhere holding a bunch of flowers.
  5. Animals doing human things (like driving cars)
 Create A Happy Box
A box fille with things that will make you smile - photos, messages, souviners. Anything that makes you happy, just pop it in a lovely box, and when you're feeling a bit down, pop it out!

So they were some tips to be a happier person! If you have any others, let me know, and if you try any of these and they work, i'd love to know!
Lots of Love

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