The Autumn Tag!

When I was reading though the latest posts from all the lovely blogs I subscribe to, I saw that Alice from TheMakeUpSupportGroup has done the Autumn Tag! This looks like such a fun tag so I thought i'd give it a go!
Favourite Thing About It?
The cosy nights in with a blanket, wearing your comfiest clothes!
Favourite Drink?
Hot Chocolate! Starbucks and Costa do amazing ones!
Favourite Scent/Candle?
I know this is more of a winter scent rather than an autumn one but I love the christmasy scents you start to see more of over the next few months! I actually have the most amazing smelling candle in my room that I had lit all the time during this season last year, and I brought another one as it's getting to that time of year again but I can't remember what the scent is called!
Best Lipstick?
Barry M Lip Paint in the shade 150 or Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss in 08
Go To Moisturiser?
Either Lush Enzymion or Lush Celestial
Go To Colours for the Eyes?
I like neutral colours for the Autumn/Winter season.
Favourite Music or Band/Singer to listen to?
My music taste doesn't change really per season but in my opinion it becomes ok to listen to openly listen to Christmas music in about October (although I do actually listen to it all year round) so I like to listen to quite a few different Christmas albums. One of my favourites is Under the Mistletoe by Justin Bieber (don't judge me - it's a fab Christmas album).
Favourite Outfit to Wear?
I love jeans with a oversized jumper and scarf, paired with some nice boots.
Autumn Treat?
I treat myself to lots of new jumpers, scarves and jeans in autumn as they become my staple clothes. I also like to get some new boots.
Favourite Place To Be?
I love being at home! But I also love it when my whole family (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents etc.) go to my aunties house in Surrey for a few days because it's so chilled and there's lots of walking the dogs in the forests, family sunday lunches and all the lovely things like that. This normally happens in late December as a christmasy get together so I guess it's more winter than autumn but i'm going to say it anyway.
I tag you all to do this tag! If you give it a go, comment the link so I can have a peek!
Lots of Love
Chloe xx


  1. great post! we love our hot chocolate too (we have never been fans of coffee) keep up the good work!

  2. we did the autumn tag too and our answers are so similar, we just love our oversized jumpers and cute boots!
    Georgia and Kate x

    autumn tag:

  3. Lovely post, new follower! Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving a comment :)
    Alice x

  4. I've never tried the Starbucks hot chocolate, but I'm pretty much addicted to Costa's! Which do you think is best? Great post x