Blogmas Day 10: The Christmas Tag

Today is the second Tag Tuesday of Blogmas and I'm going to be doing the Christmas Tag! I was tagged by the lovely Abbie from The World Of A Blonde and it seems like such a lovely Christmassy tag perfect to get into the festive spirit so I thought I'd give it a go.
1. What is your favourite holiday movie?
Love Actually. I absolutely adore that movie. It never fails to make me laugh and it's one of those films I never get bored of no matter how many times I watch it.
2. What's your favourite Christmas colour?
Gold or Red.
3. Do you like to stay in your PJ's or dress up for Christmas?
I tend to stay in my pj's in the morning but then I get dressed up just before we sit down for lunch.
4. If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?
I'd buy a joint present for all of my family.
5. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas Morning!
6. Have you every built a gingerbread house?
Nope, I'm not a huge fan of gingerbread.
7. What do you like to do on your Christmas break?
I like to visit my family and just spend a lot of time relaxing.
8. Any Christmas wishes?
I want all of my family to have a lovely happy christmas.
9. Favourite Christmas Tree?
I love the scent of a Christmas tree!
10. Christmas Meal or Treat?
Don't make me choose! I love love love a good old christmas meal but you can't beat the lovely Christmas treats you get, like the huge tins of sweets.
I tag all of you lovely bloggers to do this tag!
If you do, leave me a little comment sharing the link to your post so I can have a peek.
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx


  1. A lovely post, as usual!

  2. Lovely to read your answers I think I may do this tag myself:)!xx

  3. Love actually is my favourite christmas movie too, mainly because I have a thing for Hugh Grant lol Don't understand how anyone can open pressies on Christmas Eve I'm way too traditional xx