Blogmas Day 3 ~ The Sweater Weather Tag

During December, Tuesdays are going to be 'Tag Day' where each week I do a different Christmassy tag.
Today I'm going to be having a go at the 'Sweater Weather Tag'. I've seen this tag all over the blogging and youtube world over the last few weeks and it looks fabulous so I'm really excited to give it a go. Let's get started...
Favourite candle scents for this time of year?
You can't beat a good old yankee candle can you? Especially at Christmas! My current favourite is 'Fireside Treat's which is a lovely blend of sweet toasted marshmallow goodness. It smells absolutely divine!
Coffee, Tea or Hot Chocolate?
This is such a simple question for me. I can't stand coffee or tea so I'd choose a lovely hot chocolate any day.
Dark Lips or Winged Eyeliner?
To be completely honest I'm not a huge fan of either but I'll go for dark lips as I rarely wear eyeliner but I'm really starting to love the dark lip look.
Favourite Fragrance for Fall?
At the moment I'm loving Killer Queen by Katy Perry. I got a sample in a Glossybox in October (I think?) and I've fallen in love with it. Personally, I think this scent really suits the autumn/winter period and I'm really hoping to get a full bottle sometime soon.
What is your most worn sweater?
A current favourite of mine is my oversized woolly jumper in a lovely wine colour, which I picked up from new look. I don't think it's supposed to be oversized but I brought it in a large so I could wear it as more of lovely jumper dress.
Hats or Scarves?
I'm not really a hat person but I have such a huge collection of lovely winter scarves that I practically live in during the autumn/winter time so I'll definitely have to go with scarves.
Favourite fall nail varnishes?
At this time of year I tend to go for either very neutral shades or gorgeous dark red shades. Barry M has to be my most favourite brand for nail polish ever ever ever. I particularly love Lychee (a lovely nude colour) and Red Wine (a stunning dark red).
Football games or jumping in leaves?
I don't tend to do either but I guess jumping in leaves.
Skinny Jeans or Leggings?
I love love love both. At this time of year, I tend to wear skinny jeans if I'm going out somewhere but if I'm just staying in or doing something quite relaxed I'll pop on some leggings.
Boots or Uggs?
Definitely boots! I only tend to wear my uggs if I'm going out for a walk or something and I want to keep my feet toasty and warm.
Favourite thing about fall?
I love the fashion. Boots, jumpers and coats are perfect!
Songs that really get you in the fall spirit?
I don't really know. But at the moment I'm loving She Will Stay Beneath The Moon by Adam Barnes and The Way We Were by Carrie Hope Fletcher.
I tag all of you lovely bloggers to do this tag!
Lots of Love
Chloe xxx

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  1. I enjoyed reading this and I did this after seeing your answers :)