Lifestyle | Five Happy Things #2

Hello one and all and welcome to January! I hope you've had an ever so lovely start to this brand new year and I do hope 2016 is kind to every single one of you.
At the very end of last year I started my own little Five Happy Things Project, to share with you, every so often, what things are keeping my spirits up as of late. We're now greeted by the second post in the series; what a fabulous way to kick off the second half of January.

Here's what has made me happy recently:

1. The "What Say You" Podcast
What Say You is a podcast created and presented by two of the stars of Impractical Jokers (yes I know, the obsession has continued since Five Happy Things #1) Sal Vulcano and Brian Quinn. Effectively each episode is an hour or so of two comedians (and best friends, might I add) having a chat about anything and everything. I appreciate that I'm not particularly selling it but once you give it a try and start listening it's so enjoyable. I access it via the Podcast app that you find on apple products however I do believe you can download it via iTunes or other sources online if it takes your fancy.

2. Giving Gifts
I spent an evening this week shopping for and putting together a bag of treats for one of my closest friends to cheer her up during a rather tough time. Each gift was picked out to not only meet her tastes but also to encourage relaxation and I'm so happy with how the gift ended up. I finished the package with a rather extensive hand written letter letting her know just how fabulous I think she is. Fingers crossed the gift will go down a real treat.

3. Musical Theatre Soundtracks
Oh I do love me a good theatre soundtrack. Wicked; Les Mis; Hairspray; Billy Elliot; Legally Blonde; Oliver; West Side Story; Sister Act; you name it I've listened to it over the past week. I'll put my hands up and admit, I am slightly concerned that at some point whilst sitting with my headphones in at school or on the bus I may burst into song, but hopefully my inner Idina Menzel will stay at bay.

4. Managing Regular Blog Posts
So far this month I've on the whole managed to put up regular blog posts that are of a quality I'm very content with. Hopefully this positive start to 2016 will continue as we progress throughout the year, but fingers crossed.

5. Good Makeup Days
I've been lucky enough to be experiencing a fair few good makeup days as of late and that makes me ever so happy. I'm so content when my makeup goes on wonderfully of a morning and stays put throughout the day, still looking on point when I arrive home in the evening. Oh boy am I grateful for long-lasting makeup.

And to spread some joy I thought it would be a lovely idea to share with you a handful of the posts by fellow bloggers that have taken my liking recently:

1. "Going Cruelty Free" by Maddy at Maddy Cane
I love being introduced to new cruelty-free products so I'm incredibly excited to follow Maddy's journey transitioning to a cruelty-free beauty routine. I definitely aspire to take up such a lifestyle in the future as I'm truly appalled by the number of brands who continue to test on animals and hopefully Maddy's blog will inspire me on my path.

2. "Judging a Book by Its Cover" by The Girl In The Moonlight
I'm a massive fan of a good ol' series, particularly a book based one and this is right up my street. She's featured a wonderful array of books in the first episode on her blog and I'm so excited to see how the series develops whilst being introduced to a selection of new books and authors.

3. "A Letter to Myself" by Elle at Elle May
This little post is truly beautiful and expresses ideas that we should all make note to remember. I love the concept of using your blog on such a personal level as to compose a letter to yourself, and this is definitely an idea I'd love to use in the future if a good time and topic arose.

4. "Lumiere London" by Megan at Lazy Thoughts
I would have really loved to go to the Lumiere festival in London but sadly my hectic school and work schedule got in the way and I had to give it a miss. I rather adore Megan's blog (and Megan herself might I add, she's so lovely) and it was lovely to see her post full to the brim of wonderful photos of Lumiere and all its beauty.

5. The Ultimate North America Bucket List by Georgina at The Weekend Trender
North America is the ultimate destination on my travel bucket list so this beauty of a post was right up my street. Georgina is one of my favourite bloggers at the moment and it was wonderful to see that we share similar future travel aspirations (although I was incredibly jealous to see that she was already in New York; I'm yet to adventure across the pond at all). Bloggers US Road Trip perhaps?
What has made you happy recently?


  1. Oh Chloe I love this post, thank you for including me it's really made me smile, I was just looking through your blog and it's lovely, thank you for making me smile xx

    1. You're ever so welcome lovely, thank you for your kind words x