Thoughts | The Blogger Blues

Over the past month or so, all has been quiet on this little website of mine.
In the past, a hiatus in blogging on Yours, Chloe has always been down to bloggers block. Occasions where the normally buzzing part of my brain that creates my post ideas has become silent and empty. On this occasion, bloggers block was far from the diagnosis. If anything, the polar opposite. My brain - and notebooks alike - have been over-spilling with post ideas: products I'd like to review, outfits I'd like to share, tales I'd like to tell. This time, inspiration was not the problem, it was motivation.
As of late I've been suffering with a case of what I've been calling the blogger blues; a bit of a blogging slump if you will. My mind has played all post ideas off as bad ones, created negative thoughts surrounding my photography and writing skills in comparison with my blogging colleagues and - if truth be told - made me feel pretty shit about the piece of the internet I have created. 
In part, I blame my mental health. At times when good mental health days feel few and far between I find myself doubting my abilities and talent in regards to all manner of things, not just blogging, but on this occasion its my self esteem in regards to my online rambles that has taken the biggest hit.
The blogging world has erupted in recent years. Of course at least partially due to the success of the so called "big bloggers" who are following the path of Zoella and her blogger-turned-youtuber counterparts. Whilst I'm unbelievably proud of the way that the community has grown and the amazing content that is being created, there's a growing feeling of being a small fish in a big pond.
A huge part of blogging is reading other peoples work but with that you witness the posts that get 100 comments, the posts that have faultless photography, the posts featuring bloggers who are the definition of photogenic. And you only have to spend two minutes on twitter to notice the blogger cliques that are emerging; it's like blogging has turned into a popularity contest but I'll save that rant for another day.
I guess in summary I need to learn to appreciate the value of the content I create and not feel the need to compare my work to the works of others. Easier said than done I know. I've taken a bit of time away from blogging, and the blog-reading and social media interactions that go with it, to clear my head and think about why I blog in the first place.
I blog because I love to write and express my thoughts and ideas in the creative manners of the written word and photography. I didn't set out to be a popular blogger that creates content read and adored by thousands, so why am I being so hard on myself for not achieving this? Let's get back to the real goal: staying true to myself and creating content I'm proud of.


  1. Totally agree with you i often get myself down because of that as well i just need to remember not to compare myself to others because thats the worst thing you can do

  2. I think we all get blogger blue! I have probably written about 4 posts the whole year, but back in 2013 I was posting almost every week!
    I can see what you mean by cliques, I have been a bit far from the blogging game yet I have noticed this! Writers block shouldn't last too long, there's so much inspo around you just gotta find it :) x


  3. Great post-I always compare myself, such a bad habit and makes me less motivated with a kind of what's the point feeling xxx