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Would it be boxing day without making a few Lush purchases? This year Lush didn't hold an online sale - cue twitter loosing their marbles - so I had to take a trip into my local Lush the day after boxing day to get my fill of the sale goodness.

The mammoth Lush 2017 Christmas collection was just as decadent as it is every year. There were so many gorgeous bath bombs which caught my eye, so I was delighted to see them available in the sale.  Since making these purchases I've had many a soak in the bath, which has been a perfect way to spend the cold winter nights.

First to reach my basket was the Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb. The jelly bombs are some of the latest things they've been cooking up in the Lush kitchen and boy am I a fan. This one is in the staple festive scent of 'Snow Fairy', the epitome of pink sweet candy-floss goodness. The jelly bombs are lovely and moisturising, perfect for a winter pamper.

My next purchase was the Butterbear Bath Bomb. I just couldn't resist this little guy. It's got a super moisturising formula and does not have an overwhelming scent.

Next I picked up the Christmas Sweater Bath Bomb. This is my favourite festive bath bomb, it's scent just embodies Christmas as its full of spicy and warm clove scents. This bath bomb turns the water into a pinky red colour before letting off a gorgeous golden wonder.

Finally I went for the Sherbet Dip Bath Bomb. The scent is lovely and uplifting for the dark and dreary winter days. It's like putting a ginormous lemon sherbet sweet into your bath, so get the bath running and reminise of childhood sweeties.

Did you make any purchases in the Lush boxing day sale?

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