Thoughts | 10 Things I'd Do If I Were A Boy

So I'd thought I'd unleash my inner Beyoncé and give my take on what I'd do had the fates decreed to make me a boy. This isn't going to be a massive rant against the male species because I'm not going to lie, they are mostly rather lovely aren't they? It's just a girls take on the life of a boy. Simple.

If I were a boy I'd do the following:
Be thankful every single day that society hasn't told guys they need makeup. Enough said.

Be a gentleman. Little gestures like opening doors, holding bags. Manners win you lots of good points with us girls.

Unleash my inner James Bond and wear a suit at every opportunity. Just because.

Avoid lying to women at all times. Us girls can spot a lie a mile away and we will find out the truth quicker than you can come up with the lie in the first place. 

Always shower and use lovely aftershave. That's a given really isn't it?

Drop the macho act. We all know most guys aren't anywhere near as tough as they make out. You can forget the 'I never cry, I'm a bloke' pantomime and just not be afraid to show a bit of emotion every once in a while.

Over use the man flu excuse. Considering boys see it as their prerogative, I might as well make the most of it.

Take my top off when out and about on hot days. Boys don't know how lucky they are do they? Us girls are melting away whilst they get to breathe free.

Actually show some level of affection towards younger siblings/family members. Not only is it a lovely thing to do, us girls love it. This also includes pets, might I add, there's nothing better than seeing your other half cuddling your dog.

Not get so worked up over whether or not a girl know silly little things like the offside rule. (which many of us do; girls can like football too you know). In the grand scheme of things, just appreciate that we want to enjoy the things you do, even if we don't necessarily understand everything that's going on.

Take notes chaps.

What would you do if you were the opposite gender for the day?

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