Thoughts | Why It's Ok To Cut Out Toxic People

In Autumn of last year I found myself in a bit of a rut with my mental health. I had just started university and, of course, society sees university as a time where you should be making tonnes of new friends everyday, and that puts a real pressure on introverts like me. I didn't gel with anyone really straight away but found myself forcing myself to spend time with people because it was the done thing. This unfortunately did have a negative impact on me as these people were rather toxic and impacted on my mental health considerably. When I was recovering from period of being rather mentally unwell I reflected on what had led to me getting to that point and one of the triggers was without doubt who I had surrounded myself with. The people I surround myself with should lessen my stress rather than be a source of it, and this really wasn't the case. I've come to the conclusion that yes university is a time to meet new people you get on well with but that'll happen eventually and you know what, it's better to spend time alone than to spend it surrounded by negative and toxic people. 

It's a fact that the people in your life can have a rather powerful impact on you. Therefore it's important to fill your world with people who do nothing but bring you up, and wave goodbye to those who tear you down.

Identifying when a relationship is toxic can be tricky, especially if like me you're one to give people second, third and forth chances after they hurt you. A key identifier is how you feel following interactions with them, if you feel drained then that's a clear sign you should step away for a while. More often than not, however, toxic people can identify themselves to you through their behaviours. For example, a clear cut sign of a toxic person would be someone who never comes through for you regardless of what you do for them. We've all experienced people like this.

People who disrupt and threaten your happiness do not deserve to be a part of your life, so give your contact list a spring clean (well winter when you consider the current UK weather but you get my drift) and get rid of any toxicity. Fill your life only with those who bring you peace, rather than conflict and stress; those who love you rather than hurt you.

It's important to spend time only with those who are good for your mental health. Priortise your well-being and silently step away from anyone that isn't a positive soul. It's not selfish or bad to put yourself first, don't think that for a second. Negative people will stunt your own growth as a person and therefore it is completely ok to wave goodbye to them. Let's leave toxic people behind.


  1. Amazing post babe. I completely agree with you. It's also such a satisfying feeling, getting rid of toxic people out of your life! Well done to you honey for putting yourself first xx

  2. I agree with this wholeheartedly! It's the worst when you're surrounded by people that do nothing but bring you down and it's so important to put yourself first when you realise who those people are in your life. Proud of you for acknowledging and addressing this girl, not everybody does. Great post. ♡

    Jessica xo /

  3. Great post and so true! Like you the pressure to have a big group of friends and socialise constantly has really put a strain on my MH too. I find it hard to gel with people straight away and then also, once in my life, find it hard to let go of toxic relationships. Sometimes it's good to take a step back and evaluate who's really supporting you and who isn't. Great post!
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  4. I really like what you have written here. Cutting out people is always hard, but your own mental health always comes first. Great post.

    Sophie x /

  5. Love this post. Last year I was in a job that was filled with toxic people and it fed into my depression. I was already in a bad place with my physical health and I didn't feel good enough, I felt I was a failure in the friendships I built with my work colleagues and it took time to realise that I didn't need that in my life. To a fault I am always that person to put others first and I need to stop beating myself up and be selfish. I think some people take that conflict and stress as a rough patch or a natural occurrence in a friendship and don't realise what it can do in the long run.

    Hannah Marie x