A little story about rain...

It is now finally winter in Britain (ish). The temperature dropped quite quickly and it's been raining bucket loads! I volunteer at the exotic pet refuge in deeping, and i'm there for 3 1/2 hours on sunday mornings so i'm really starting to feel it! Today it was a lovely temperature of 4 degrees. I looked stunning in my jeans, 3 pairs of socks, wellies, a t-shirt, a jumper and this horrible green waterproof jacket my mum gave me to wear. To be honest i'm quite inpractical - i don't like coats very much and only one one warm black one which is quite nice and i didn't want to ruin. So my mum, being the generous lady she is lent me her bottle green pac-a-mac. It was honestly my idea of hell! I'm sure you can picture me looking as stunning as i did. So i bundled myself into the car and off to the refuge. It turned a few of us had got there at the wrong time as we hadn't been told we were starting early this week, so i spent 30 minuets outside waiting for my dad to return with the nice warm car. Several cars drove past on what is normally the quietest road ever, and the drivers had a laugh at the girl standing under a tree in the pouring rain, wearing a greet coat that made her look like a frog. Lovely.
I promise i won't babble on about rain all the time but all i can say is i don't expect to hear "it's just drizzle" or "it's only spitting" used in conversation that much over the next few months!

If you are sad like me and have any funny/interesting stories to tell me about the rain, comment them!
And thankyou for reading!
Lots of Love

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