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Hello and welcome to my blog - Reality Leaves Lots To Imagination!

I don't tend to like the whole ginormous about me paragraphs cause they make most people sound really self obsessed so i'm going to do this in confession form!

Here we go...

1) I'm a giant (5'9) and i hate it!
2) I'm scared of pretty much anything with wings, especially chickens!
3) I have a passion for photography
4) I hold grudges for a really long time!
5) I love boys with lovely accents! Especially liverpool accents!
6) I hate it when people can't accept that other people have different opinions to them.
7) I hate it when people say lol during a normal conversation. If its funny, laugh.
8) Hugs are the best thing ever.
9) I hate text speak with an absolute passion.
10) I love musical theatre but i hate performing in front of people.
11) I prefer alot of older music to most of the current artists.
12) I speak to my dog in german.
13) I love long car journeys in the dark!
14) I don't go anywhere without my phone and my iPod
15) I love phone calls, but only if people ring me first!
16) I'll happily admit that i flirt quite alot.
17) I apparently have a northen accent, which is weird cause i don't live anywhere near there.
18) I'm always scared of saying what i truly feel incase it hurts someones feelings.
19) It doesn't matter how much i hate you, if you're crying i'll want to hug you.
20) I'm a strong believer in there being someone out there that is perfect for everyone, you just have to wait until you find them.

Thankyou for reading!

Lots of Love

Chloe xxx

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