November Wish List

It's only the 6th November but already i've seen a million and one things i could add to my November wish list! I'm going to have to start saving up my pennies so i can buy them! But at the rate i save i'll probably still not have enough by November 2022!

One website caught my eye a few days ago when i was reading an amazing blog called 'A beautiful mess' and it is called! It's full of beautiful clothes that i absolutely adore! I'll definitely be popping back onto it to buy myself a few cheeky presents at Christmas! (sssshhh nobody needs to know!) But i would honestly recommend you check it out! It's got a little bit of everything - clothes, bags, shoes, jewellery and more!

This is only a quick little post so i'm only going to feature one it don't panic you'll be seeing a lot more of this fab website in my future posts! But for now, why don't you go check out for yourself and maybe comment and tell me what you think?

$62 . 90 (about £39)

I'm a huge fan of vintage style dresses, so i absolutely love this! The peter pan lace collar is beautiful and i especially love the colour - it's perfect for those autumn parties! And it's the type of dress that you can really wear throughout the year - for both casual and formal events! And it's not too pricey, like most vintage style dresses, so you can look amazing without blowing a hole in your pocket!
I'd rate this 5* 

Lots of Love

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