I've never found it easy to talk about this sort of thing but a recent YouTube video made by Zoella (, has made me realise that it's not something i should be really embarrased to talk about, because lots of other people, suffer from the same thing. I'm talking about anxiety.

When you're a teenager, lots of stuff happens that's is upsetting or stressful. Anyone that has ever been a teenager can tell you that. But some people find these sorts of things alot harder to deal with. And sadly sometimes the stress and worry can be too much. There are days where you just want to stop and cry.

I've never been very good at dealing with worries. When i was 10 was off school for about a week and i had to see doctor after doctor because of 'stomach problems' i'd been having, and after one long day at a hospital, which had included me just breaking down in tears because of the pain, i was told i would have to stay in for them to keep an eye on me. Then the main doctor took my mum and dad out to another room and left me with some nice play leaders who sat and chatted to me and tried to take my mind of it. When the doctor and my mum and dad returned, it had turned out that they had left to try and relax me to see if that stopped alot of the pain. It did, so i was told that i suffered from anxiety pains in my stomach. Over the next few months i worked with various people to find ways of dealing with my anxiety. I learnt things like staring at a clock could help me calm down. That was around 4 years ago and i still use those methods when i feel like i'm getting worked up. Nobody in my secondary school knows about my anxiety. I would try to hide it because i felt ashamed about what people would think. But that is one of my biggest regrets when it comes to my anxiety. Sitting there, hiding how i was feeling, was making it worse. If i was told i had to perform a solo, i would sit there and worry and get all stressed out, and sometimes make myself ill. I've never had a panic attack, but i've been close to having one, and trying to sit here and type how i was feeling is impossible. It was horrible so i don't know how i would cope if i actually had a panic attack.

As i've grown up i've realised that i shouldn't hide how i'm feeling. Now if i'm feeling anxious about anything i have a quiet word with someone i trust, like a friend, teacher or my parents. I know saying that i sound like one of those anti-bullying adverts that you always see on TV, but it's true. I started my gcse's in september and so far i have managed to keep my stress level down, most of the time, and i've found little ways to help me if i feel like i'm struggling. I try to plan nice things to do after school or at a weekend, so i have things to look forward to if i'm having a bad week. I treat myself to my favourite unhealthy snack after school or i plan sleepovers with my friends - i find a girly night in with the people i love the most always helps.

I wanted to right this to share my story of anxiety in the hope that i can help at least one person with anxiety. I have stuggled to write this, it has taken me ages but i just wanted to try and write something that will benefit other people. I know how horrible it can feel, but you just need to hang on in there and try to think as positive as you can. Don't hide your anxiety, it will make it worse. I know it feels hard to talk about but i promise you it will help. Why don't you do what i've done and blog about your experience? I'm starting to get over my anxiety problems and i know that one day you will too.

Lots of Love

P.S: Watch Zoella's video on anxiety. It's one of the best i've ever seen!


  1. Hi Chloe.. ive nominated you for the Leibster & Versatile Blogger Awards! If you would like to take part the rules are here

    Kerri xx

  2. I really love your blog :') Your posts are so interesting and I started preparing for my GCSE's in September too (I'm 15 so it's next year when I actually do the exams) and although I don't have anxiety I do get so easily stressed and I leave my work until the last minute! Even right now I have a controlled assessment in English Lit on Monday but I'm procrastinating by going on the internet! Reading this post helped my realise I've got to keep on top of work our I'll get waaay to stressed. Thanks for sharing x
    Your new followers,

    1. Thankyou so much! I'm really glad that this has helped you. Good luck in your controlled assessment! I had to do one last week so i know how you're feeling! And thankyou for following me! I hope you like my other posts :)
      Chloe xxx